1st Portishead Scout Group

1st Portishead Beavers

Beavers are usually aged between 6 and 8, although sometimes children as young as 5 join our Beaver colonies.

We have three Beaver colonies, which each meet at different times each week:

  • Beaver Bay - Monday 5.30 to 6.45pm
  • Beaver Barefoot - Tuesday 5.30 to 6.45pm
  • Beaver Braves - Wednesday 5.30 to 6.45pm

Beavers is a great way for children (and parents!) to discover what we have to offer, with activities including team games, playing in the woods, adventure trails, grass sledging, camping, campfires, crafts, parades, trips to interesting places, welcoming visitors to us, nature walks, sailing and climbing.

On average, Beavers are given the opportunities to have nights away twice a year, which are not only fantastic fun, but are also often the first opportunity many children get to spend a night away from home without their parents.

Over 200 badges to aim for

Beavers work together to earn a variety of badges, which help to introduce new skills or consolidate knowledge they may already have. While there are over 200 Scout badges available, Beavers are likely to work towards things like First Aid, Adventure, Disabilities, Creativity, Air Activities, Camp Craft, Nights Away and Hikes Away. Badges can also be earned for teamwork, friendship and loyalty.

Making memories is a big part of Beavers – both for the children and the adult volunteers. With events such as Group Camps, winter sleepovers at Glenny Woods, themed sleepovers in the Scout hut, the annual Remembrance Parade, fun days, and even an annual Dragonslayer event (which involves the whole Scout district) there’s an opportunity for everyone to do something that will stay with them and help them grow.

Too much fun to let the kids have all to themselves

We couldn’t run Beavers without the support of adult volunteers. If it sounds like too much fun to lets the kids have all to themselves, then please get in touch. You don’t need any special skills or experience, and we have a variety of opportunities to make the most of your time, however much you’re able to give.

“There is nothing like the look on a Beaver’s face when they’re having fun, achieving something new, learning skills for life and making friends. Nothing else compares… and as a leader you get to have fun, learn new skills, meet great people, spend time outdoors, build relationships with young people and make a real difference to them. Why would you not do it?”
– Louise Wardle, Beaver Leader

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